Mechinat Avner Akko - Community Activity

Mechinat Avner Akko promotes community involvement and volunteering as a fundamental part of the Mechina's life and training program.

This is reflected educationally, in the daily activity and by the number of active social initiatives of the Mechina.

                            Following are few examples of our community activities

 (Link to extensive details about 2 example projects:

the community build  the respectful shop)

We maintain a deep learning yet open Beit Midrash to anyone interested in joining the study.

People with special needs integrate naturally into the program and receive constant assistance from the students and the educational staff. We have established a special training program for autistic students (and other disabilities) who are accepted as "one of the guys".

The role of the Beit midrash as a social involvement center is expressed by being an open door for the people of the region, in open classes to the entire city population and in special activities for the community in Acre that take place in the Mechina.

Distribution of food. The students volunteer to collect food products, pack and distribute them to families in need in the city using the Mechina's vehicle.

Elementary school mentoring. Every week the students conduct joint activities with the students of Rambam Elementary School in Acre. This activity is well known in the school and has tremendous significance for the students.

Israeli Kabbalat Shabbat for the Community. Every two weeks on Thursdays, we gather for free public Kabbalat Shabbat on the grass of Beit Ha'am, studying Piyut and having conversation with adults and an enjoyable, creative activity for children.

Welfare care centers. We are active in several social welfare centers in the city on a regular basis. We cooperate with the center's staff, assist and contribute. Special connections are formed between us and these welfare centers' visitors.


New immigrants. We are regularly active in an immigrants' welfare center which assists residents of the city who immigrated from India. We are also active in elderly Russian-speaking care centers, and the people who attend them are always excited to meet the Mechina's students at the events celebrated by the Jewish calendar.

Acre's Department of Education's care centers. We also contribute to the activities of the Department of Education in the city by participating in its care centers' activities, both ongoing and in special occasions, in preparation for various holidays and events.

Additional volunteer activities. Beit Hagalgalim, supporting children at risk, participation in celebrations, MDA, Kav LaHaim Association, Rambam Hospital and more.

An emergency and rescue team. We serve as an emergency team available in the city and as a rescue team in practice. Many of the city's residents, Jews and Arabs, owe their lives to the Machina's rescue force. A group of students also underwent a municipal training course to serve as emergency staff in extreme emergencies.

Scholarship fund. For students whose families are unable to pay the economic cost of attending the Mechina.

Community events. We hold seven events a year for the community, to empower the spirit and for mutual, enjoyable learning.

Other small projects. Hosting a Jewish school from abroad, Kabbalat Shabbat, activities in public gardens, municipal cleaning day, helping families in the city, distributing donuts on Hanukkah, apartment renovation operations, and more.

Accompanying the Alumni during their IDF service. The Mechina keeps in touch with its graduates who become soldiers, supports them and offers them accommodation for Saturdays and vacations.

Building a community in the city. Our flagship project are the graduates who return with their families and friends to establish a strong and socially active community in the center of Acre.

New projects initiatives. A respectful shop for people in need in the entire city population, a regional volunteers community, youth support, expansion of the project of integration and preparation for people with disabilities and autism.

The entire activity is operated by the Mechina's staff, the Mechina's vehicle and preparatory equipment, and mainly, the Mechina's students.

The after-class activities and the training program, are designed with the educational thought that graduates of the Mechina will grow personally, develop their skills and acquire tools and abilities that will make them citizens who combine volunteering and giving in their lives, being prepared for any national mission as required.


We would be happy to have you as a partner to our activities

or to establish together with us any other initiative.

,Mechinat Avner 

Community Involvement 

Together we'll do well​

Promotes community involvement and volunteering is a fundamental part.

Following are few examples of our community activities:


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