A community project with a vision,

Shop with Dignity-

A Store for Needy Jewish and Arab Families 



Many residents of Akko are from a low socio-economic status. Many are poverty stricken and are in need of financial assistance. In order to address this issue, we would like to open a store that will offer the community essential goods at a low cost. The store will enable needy residents to purchase goods with coupons that they receive from the municipality. The store will also be open to the general public, who will pay for goods they purchase. The profits made from the store will be dedicated to replenishing the merchandise to be sold.

The project was developed with the following objectives in mind:


To enable needy families to purchase clothing and essential products in a dignified manner.

To establish a project that encourages cooperation and equality, will provide real assistance to residents in need, and will serve as a common meeting place for populations from different socio-economic standings and varying backgrounds.

To facilitate positive working relationships between the municipality, charitable organizations, social programs and residents in the city.

The store will be open for the entire population of Akko, some of which will purchase goods at full price, and some free of charge. We anticipate that hundreds of residents of the city will initially benefit from the project, and expect that the numbers will increase on an ongoing basis. The number of people in the target population that we will be able to reach depends upon the amount of resources that are donated and the amount of goods that are purchased.


Vision and Objective:

We aim to enable needy residents of Akko, both Jewish and Arab, to purchase essential goods in a dignified manner. The store will sell basic goods (clothing, school supplies, baby essentials, etc.), both new and used, to all residents of the city. In addition to regular monetary purchases, the city welfare department will provide needy residents with coupons to purchase goods in the store free of charge, in a dignified manner.

The store will be non-profit and self-sufficient after the initial investment. Profits earned from sales will be used to replenish the inventory of supplies to be sold in the store.  The store will operate on a fixed schedule and will be staffed by volunteers from the community and participants of Mechinat Avner.

The Shop with Dignity project is unique in many ways. It is a creative, self-sustaining project that will enable people in need to purchase essential goods at a low price, or to receive them free of charge- in a dignified fashion- by purchasing them with coupons provided by the municipal authorities. It has many benefits, including:


Helping to strengthen the residents of Akko, both Jewish and Arab.

Offering different types of merchandise. New and used goods will be sold, some purchased and some donated.

It will be self-sufficient after the initial donation and non-profit. Earnings will be used to purchase goods.

Operational costs will be kept to a minimum, as the shop will primarily be staffed by volunteers from the community and members of the mechina.

People and organizations, including the municipality, will join forces and work together towards the common good.

We aim to create a charitable organization that will have the look and feel of a regular store. Field works from the community and from the municipality will be involved in the operation of the store together. The target population is residents in need, whether they be Jewish or Arab, or from any other group residing in the city. Everyone will meet up in a natural setting, and enjoy the benefits of mutual cooperation and assistance.

People from different backgrounds and age groups from all around the city will volunteer in the shop. It will serve as a positive meeting ground where diverse groups of people- Jews, Arabs, religious, non-religious and people of varying ethnic groups all work together to improve the quality of life of the residents of Akko. 



Shop with Dignity

​Let's do well

- A Store for Needy Jewish and Arab FamiliesShop with Dignity- A Store for Needy Jewish and Arab Families

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