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Mechinat Avner is a pre-army leadership academy located in the center of the city of Akko. The program was founded by Rabbi Achikam Getz in 2014, in memory of his uncle Avner Getz, who was killed in the six-day war.

:The mechina was founded with the vision of 


Preparing high school graduates to become commanding officers in combat units in the IDF.

Engaging participants in in-depth Torah studies.


Educating participants to become responsible citizens who are dedicated and capable of undertaking national challenges and serving the nation.

 Helping to restore the demographic balance in the Western Galilee by creating a presence in the city of Akko, and encouraging participants to settle in the area upon completion of their army service.

At present, there are approximately 100 participants who commit to a year and a half intensive program, after which they are drafted into the army and aim to make a significant contribution. 

The presence of Mechinat Avner is felt in the city of Akko in many ways, including:


A Beit Midrash that is open to the community.

Initiating many activities and community projects, as well as volunteering in programs around the city.

Developing positive relationships with our neighbors in the community.


Over the last few years, both the need and demand to establish permanent residence in Akko have become especially pertinent.  Settling the Western Galilee is one of the most significant challenges of Zionist movement today, and all of our energy and resources are dedicated to addressing this complicated undertaking.

At present we are seeking assistance to bring the following projects to fruition:


Establishing permanent headquarters in the city- including purchasing buildings and undertaking building projects as needed.

Supporting our returning graduates program, including purchasing an apartment.

Ensuring funding for overall operational costs- including student scholarships and social activities.


,Mechinat Avner 

Western Galilee Akko​

Doing creates reality​

Where the future of the Galilee is decided. Rabbi Getz founded in 2014 a pre-I.D.F. academy and Beit Midrash. To raise a quality generation ready for the nation's missions. ​(About Avner Getz Press

המכינה התורנית הקדם צבאית אבנר עכו