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a "Avner Akko" is a non-profit organization that is based in the heart of the mixed neighborhoods in the city of Akko. During the last few decades, the Jewish population has left the area, synagogues have closed, and Betei Midrash have moved to different locations. At present there are approximately 13,000 people residing in the center of the city, of which 11,000 are of the Moslem faith. The socio-economic situation in the city has deteriorated significantly. In light of this, in 2014 Rabbi Ahikam Getz founded the Avner Organization, an open Beit Midrash and a pre-IDF preparation academy located in the center of the city.


The Avner Organization was founded in memory of Avner Getz, the son of Rabbi Meir Yehuda Getz, zt"l. He immigrated from Tunisia in 1949 to the Kerem Ben Zimra moshav in the Galilee. Avner served in the IDF as a paratrooper, and fell in the battle to liberate the Kotel in the Six-Day War. His memory embodies the Jewish-Zionist dream, one of immigration to Israel, education and building the country, and readiness to surrender his body and soul for his people and country. After his death, Rabbi Getz relocated to Jerusalem, where his son fell. There Rabbi Getz served as the Rabbi of the Kotel for many years.


Our organization was founded with the vision of connecting to the community in order to:

·         Restore a thriving Jewish community in the center of Akko.

·         Establish an educational institution that attracts pioneers and enriches Torah studies.

·         Develop respectful, positive and cooperative neighborly relations with community members.


We benefit the community through:

·         An open Beit Midrash, the Mechinat Avner Pre-IDF Preparation Program, and Graduate Program for participants upon completion of their army service and their families.

·         Building a vibrant community in the center of the city that includes youth, couples, and young families.

·         Community projects, including social impact and inclusion for people with disabilities.

·         The "Living Together" project, where Jewish and Arab residents of the Wolfson Neighborhood join forces in order to refurbish the neighborhood.

·         A program that support soldiers throughout their service in the IDF, and "adopts" lone soldiers.


The Mechina attracts dozens of young men from all around the country who come to study for a year and a half program that is filled with learning, preparation for the IDF and a wide range of social impact activities. Graduates undertake significant positions in the IDF, and serve as commanders, officers and fighters, some in elite combat units. Upon completion of the army, they are encouraged to return to Akko to continue their studies and take up residence in the center of the city.


Over the last number of years, The Avner Organization has succeeded in making a positive a difference in the community. We have established an active Beit Midrash, community, and developed and implemented social impact projects. Our next goals are to:

·        Build a permanent facility to house the Beit Midrash and Mechina, and to purchase apartments to house the dormitories and educational staff.

·        Expand the Beit Midrash to accommodate the program for graduates after they complete their service in the IDF.

·        Develop and implement additional social impact programs and to facilitate community activism.


We invite you to connect with us and make a difference!


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Where the future of the Galilee is decided. Rabbi Getz founded in 2014 a pre-I.D.F. academy and Beit Midrash. To raise a quality generation ready for the nation's missions. ​(About Avner Getz Press

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